About Us

Toronto based company Kings of Past is a world-renowned purveyor of original, unused, branded vintage eyewear.  It has taken a life-time of dedication to build their vintage library, which includes some of the worlds most highly coveted pieces from Iconic labels in the industry.  

The team at Kings of Past sought to develop a collection which encompassed aspects of their favorite historical pieces, updated with modern styling and ergonomic aspects for comfort.  The next step was to incorporate luxury materials which you can see and feel. Real gold plating, intricate details, and complex engravings are all added to every frame, elevating the luxurious look and feel of the collection.   

The Kings of Past Collection strives to provide true luxury at a price point which reflects the materials and craftsmanship, not the advertising.  It is translatable value that means something. This isn’t over-hyped marketing without a product to back it up. This is commitment to quality, passion for timeless design, and a love for what we do.


The Kings of Past Collection resurrects the spirit of true artistry and workmanship. Timeless designs dressed in intricate patterns and highly detailed accents. Handmade using the finest materials, for a luxurious look and feel.

A tribute to history and craft.


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